Zestful Mother


She’s a zestful little mother

Flew up a little Higher

Making a nest where it’s brighter

To keep away from the predator.


Not really being a pest

Just wanting a rest

From the normal test

To make her nest.


Cradled with ten

All special little kin

That she gladly covers

Some day they too will hover.


Time to leave the height

So mommy says hi

Yes one baby goes plunk

What a way to start life.


Really do need a hand

So a very nice man

Held out his hands

For them each to land.


The quick catch

Was quite a match

For each little bundle

Do not want to fumble.



Ten in a box

He went for a walk

At the river two blocks

With mother behind.


This family happy

With the mother quacking

Quack, quack, quack

At the river all back.