Summer Is Gone


Whether we like it or not

The weeds will all rot

In the cold we are caught

So now it is not very hot

The garden has to be brought

Carrots in the basement their lot

The dahlia tubers get out

Of the hard grout

And in the paper are bound

Kept all winter without a sound

And rake up the leaves

Nice to hear birds in the breeze

Are still singing so sweet

Then flicker sends out a screech

In cool still air hear sounds of the creek

The snow is still on the top peak

Making us to throw on our coat

And soon turn back to the door

Please do put on your hood

It’s great to have the firewood

For keeping us cozy warm

And away from the storm

In heaven there’s no winter

Also no firewood splinter

And no freezing cold hands

When digging the sands

Discomfort will not be known

Just relax on the evergreen lawn.