Squirrel Cutie


This squirrel is such a cutie

Moving his soft bushy tail

With his bright eyes to note

Every single move you dote.

See all the wiggles of his nose

And his chewing has no end.

With sharp teeth he’ll rend

Many hard things to send

To the hollow hole of the tree trunk.

You wouldn’t believe all the junk.

But he has so much fun

Running, stashing and storing

For winter is cold and storming.

I wonder what the attic looks like

Climbing is quite a steep hike

Run up the side of the house.

Those toes are very sharp

To run and climb on the bark

Even chasing in the dark.

I here him scamper in the night

And have a midnight fight.

Running through the house

Just like the tiny mouse.

We have to catch you cutie

The house is not for you Cutie.

                                   So have a ride up the road

In the bucket it’s quite a load.

Then like lightening jump

It’s freedom for this squirrel.

His instinct knows home

He knows where to come.

Still lots of action in the attic

Still has his midnight picnic

Out of the snow for Cutie

What are we to do with you

We have to live with you, Cutie.